LiFiMAX® COMPACT is an optical wireless communication system that provides ultra-fast, highly secure, and radio wave-free wireless network access for up to 16 simultaneous users, thanks to invisible light.

A LiFiMAX® COMPACT system consists of a LiFiMAX® access point that can be easily mounted on the ceiling of your meeting room, co-working space, or simply home office, enabling network access for any device equipped with a LiFiMAX® dongle (Plug & Play).

LiFiMAX COMPACT is unique and competitively priced, offering everyone the opportunity to experience a reliable LiFi system.

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Price: 1200 euros per kit Ex works – EX VAT

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Technical Specifications:

  • Cybersecurity – Light waves are undetectable.

  • No electromagnetic radiation.

  • 100Mbps Down / 100 Mbps Up

  • Very low latency.

  • Easy installation.

  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, MacBook with type A and C USB ports.

  • Maximum number of simultaneous connections with devices: 16.

All features:

1 LiFiMax® Compact access point

1 LiFiMax® dongle – USB stick (Plug & Play)

1 USB C cable

Mounting kit


Light Source Type: Infrared LED

Download Data Rate: 100 Mbps Upload Data Rate: 100 Mbps

Coverage: 90-degree beam angle

Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connections: 16

Nominal Power of Access Point: 5W

Access Point Power Supply: PoE cable IEEE802.3af

Nominal Power of Dongle: 2.5W

Dongle Power Supply: USB Stick and cable

Access Point Dimensions: Ø 110 mm / Height 30 mm / Weight 400 g Dongle Dimensions: USB Stick / Length 75 mm / Weight 25 g USB Cable Length: 50 cm

Protection Class: IP30

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