LiFiMAX® FLEX is a wireless internet system for rooms up to 70m2. It is suitable for classrooms, conference rooms and boardrooms, among others, but has many other possibilities.

LiFiMAX® FLEX is an optical wireless communication system that provides users with ultra-fast, well-secured and radio-wave-free wireless network access through invisible light. 150 Mpbs downlink and 150 Mbps uplink, low latency per user 0.5ms.

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With LIFIMAX FLEX, the access point is connected to a photonic antenna. A photonic antenna is an optical antenna that is connected to the access point via a cable. The photonic antenna facilitates the LiFi connection with the receiver’s device (such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone). Each access point can connect to a maximum of 6 individual photonic antennas via an RJ45 cable.

LIFIMAX FLEX emphasizes flexibility. A basic kit can easily be expanded with multiple access points and photonic antennas so that users can receive the LiFi internet signal over an area  up to 300 m2.

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LIFIMAX FLEX – kit includes

  • Access point without controller software

  • Photonic antenna

  • Dongles (USB stick and USB-C cable)

  • Accessories

  • Brand : OLEDCOMM

Basic LIFIMAX FLEX kit price available upon request.

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A new and unique offering is the Tablet that features both LIFI and WIFI access. Specifically designed for education, each student can have access to such a tablet and connect to the radiation-free LIFI internet of LIFIMAX products.

  • 6 000mAh battery

  • SC9863 eight-core up to 2Ghz

  • Android 10

  • size 10.1” 1920×1200

Price of LIFI-WIFI TABLET: available upon request.

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