About us

The Internet of the Future

HelloLiFi introduces the new internet of the future: LiFi, wireless internet via light.

LiFi (Light Fidelity) utilizes LED technology (which you may already be familiar with from LED lamps) to transmit data via light. Without the need for 5G or 6G antennas and without radiation. Thanks to this wireless internet connection at the speed of light, you can download an HD movie in just a few seconds. In the future, billions of LED lamps can communicate with each other thanks to LiFi. It is expected that LiFi will accelerate new developments and technical applications into execution.

Thanks to the LiFiMAX® products from our French partner Oledcomm, the new internet via light becomes accessible to everyone. LiFiMAX® is a new technique of high quality and functional design. Our mission is to ensure that you can install and use LiFiMAX® and enjoy the benefits of safe, radiation-free wireless internet.

Bart Boosten – Founder and CEO of Hellolifi.

A few years ago, during a seminar at the Campus in Eindhoven, I encountered LiFi. With over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, I am taking on the challenge of introducing the still relatively unknown LiFi internet in the Netherlands in collaboration with professional partners.